Having a tribe is everything.

Humans have always had a deep-seated desire for community, and the sense of loyalty, protection, and camaraderie that you find when you surround yourself with individuals who view and treat the world around you in a way that deeply connects with you is priceless.

Creating a community providing a sense of purpose, a reason to interact with others, and building confidence and a sense of self-worth, is one of the most valuable things Aqua Vida is committed to. We’ve learned to gather forces with the intent to push us outside of our comfort zones to challenge our growth and provide a positive influence in each others’ lives. And, when we find ourselves staring down the barrel of a problem that seems too big to have a solution, having friends to cheer us on as we venture out into the world with a mission has made things we thought were impossible, quite possible.

The fabric of Aqua Vida lies in our Seva mission. Seva is a yogic term for “selfless service” and flows through every aspect of Aqua Vida. We are environmental crusaders, organizing local water conservation initiatives, cleanups, and outreach programs dedicated to affecting change and protecting our water sources. We knew we needed a tribe of people who vibed like us. But how did we find our tribe?

We lived our best life and let them come to us. We honed in on what we were passionate about - whole-body well being, connection with the environment, having fun, living a more sustainable lifestyle, advocating for the waterways and our oceans, and mobilizing to affect change in all of those areas. Then we found things to do that fed those passions and met some incredible wave-makers along the way.



Culture is what makes a tribe effective, and a shared culture is what attracted us to United By Blue, and, similarly, what attracted them to us. Our founder, Jana Mars, was even interviewed and featured in United By Blue’s Journal (read the interview and watch the video here).

As partners in the crusade against the careless treatment of our waterways, our joint cleanup events have removed thousands of pounds of trash from local waterways, and spurred a series of cleanups in 2019 that brings together our two influential groups with other water conservation powerhouse organizations that we are proud to be aligned with.

As part of the 2019 Waterway Cleanup Tour, we’ve joined forces with main event host, United By Blue, as well as REI, the TTF Watershed Partnership, the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, and the Philadelphia Water Department, to co-host several large-scale cleanup events aimed at making a measurable impact on the most pressing of environmental problems: ocean trash and plastics pollution.


Help us bring our mission of protecting our waterways by joining us for one (or all) cleanups in this series. Cleanup supplies, water and reusable water bottles, and snacks will be provided. You bring sturdy shoes, long pants, and your friends.

Our first Cleanup Event goes down on:

March 16, 2019, at Tacony Creek Park from 10-1pm.

Sign up here, and remember to choose "Group Registration" when signing up to join the Aqua Vida group.

And check back on our Upcoming Cleanup events page regularly to stay in the know when we announce additional dates.

The power of a tribe can’t be underestimated. The question is: will yours change the world?

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