The Art of The Mindful Jog

Let’s face it, most days there is nothing artistic about our jogs. Gone are the days of timed runs, training, and stop watches. Most days, a leisurely jog around the neighborhood really gets the job done.

Because of how we’re wired here at Aqua Vida, we have a superpower that makes us hyper aware of trash. It’s kind of what we do. Whether we are planning water cleanups on our local waterways, coming up with ways to reduce our own waste and plastic, or advocating for cleaner waterways, our mind seems to always wander back to the ever-present issue of SO. MUCH. TRASH. and how to get rid of it.

So, we try to focus on simple ways to incorporate everyday hacks to do our part to make the world a cleaner place. This one is super simple and a double bang for your buck. Get your fitness and volunteer hours in. Sold.

If you love a heart-healthy walk or jog, and you can carry a bag, you can do this. Bring along a bag on your next outing and collect any trash or recyclables along your normal route. When your bag is full, either stop at a public trash or recycling receptacle and sort and dispose of it properly, or bring it home and do the same.

There’s actually a name for this: plogging. And communities from all over the world have picked up on the frenzy. Plogging comes from the Swedish phrase “plocka upp,” which means to pick up, and, here’s why we love it: as a workout, it gives you cross-training benefits by adding bending, squatting and stretching to running, hiking, or walking.


Whether you live on the beach, along a river, or in a neighborhood, if there is trash, you can bet it’ll eventually make its way to our waterways - and all waterways eventually lead to the ocean. Something as simple as picking up trash while walking or jogging can go a long way in helping with our rampant trash problem. Now that abandoned can of soda finds its way home thanks to you.

On our jogs, we usually end up with a full bag of plastic bottles, glass bottles, bags, wrappers, and items that have no chance of decomposing in our lifetime. We also happen to live along a tidal river that leads directly to the ocean, so knowing that we’re keeping these things from ending up in the ocean is extra motivation on our personal earth-loving crusade.

Remarkably simplistic, plogging enacts real, positive change. With millions of runners crisscrossing the globe every day, particularly in cities, we can actually make a difference.

The biggest waves can start from the smallest ripples. Cast your stones and change the world. Learn more about how Aqua Vida is making waves by participating in one of our Seva nights or sponsored cleanups in your area!

Are you a seasoned plogger? Send us pictures of you plogging it up, bags filled with trash or sparkling trails left better because of you by sharing on social media and hashtagging  #makesomewaves

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