Aqua Vida is dedicated to sustainability through ocean cleanups and responsible production of our eco-friendly products. Our connection with the water drives us to protect it.


Recycled Trash from Ocean Cleanups
Ocean Cleanups Held
Aqua Vida Cleanup Goal


Aqua Vida is a water-loving, socially-responsible and conscious community, offering sustainable clothing and products, as well as opportunities to cultivate + nurture a strong mind/body connection & connection with the planet + each other through Floating Yoga + Fitness classes and workshops, and local conservation initiatives and Seva retreats and events.


For every dollar you spend, Aqua Vida allocates 1% to local water conservation efforts, including our popular Seva Night cleanups, #AQUAWARRIORS Community Outreach Programs, #WEDRINKTHISWATER Awareness Campaigns and more.


Let's keep out waterways healthy so we can continue to live the Aqua Vida way.

Sustainability means being dedicated in every aspect of The Aqua Vida Movement

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