The Evolution of Yoga is here

Our signature AquaFLOW™ SUP Yoga class takes everything you love about yoga and adds a touch of nature, an added challenge of instability, and the bliss of floating on the water. Experience the ultimate way to evolve your practice, improve strength, balance, flexibility and mind/body connection with the healing properties of water.


Come add a new element to your practice and join us for a yoga experience unlike any other.

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New for 2017 ~ AquaYIN SUP Yoga with Justine Bacon

AquaYIN SUP Yoga combines the stillness of the body with the gentle rocking of the water to leave you with a soothed mind and blissed out soul. Yin Yoga is a cooling and internal practice that works the connective tissues of the body through the release of muscles. Predominately a "floor" practice, you can expect to hold postures for a few minutes at a time. All levels ~ great for beginners. Thursday evenings.


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Curious if Floating Yoga is for you, but aren't sure? It is!

  • Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga is low-impact ~ a perfect active rest day activity
  • A supportive environment for students of all levels
  • Variations and modifications offered to add ease or challenge to each pose
  • Benefits of healing properties of water and connection to nature
  • Just bring your playfulness and sense of adventure!




So there you have it folks: I tried SUP Yoga with Aqua Vida and didn't die. And actually think I'll do it again. A water-sports hater has been converted.

- Adjua Fisher

Author, Philadelphia Magazine


Looking for something else? The on-water evolution has options for everybody

Our AquaFIT™ HIIT class will blast your core and make you work! Our Floating Meditation classes creates a calming balance and deep connection to the water

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