Get your sh*t together
A series educating on how we can all get our collective.. well, sh*t together for a more sustainable planet.

Hey there. It’s us again, with our second edition of Get Your Sh*t Together.

You know that sustainable lifestyle habits begin at home. And there is no better place to focus on than the kitchen, where (let’s be honest) people spend most of our time.

Move aside, Marie Kondo! It’s time to step it up a notch. Take your healthy home habits one step further with this list of eco-friendly kitchen ideas :

1. Save the Date

We love this idea for a fridge triage box. Help yourself and your family members remember which products are expiring first to avoid food waste and cut down on unnecessary grocery spending.

Save The Date and Save Food

2. Lay it, Don’t Spray it

In the age-old debate between handwashing vs. dishwashing, the dishwasher has come out on top! So, lay those dishes down on the rack guilt-free. Place that silverware in the caddy with pride. Bonus points if your dishwasher is Energy Star rated and has an “eco” setting designed to save water. To help ensure the low-water option is effective, scrub your dishes quickly with a reusable cloth or scrubber, and kiss your single-use sponge goodbye.

3. Compost is Queen (or King)

Here is a helpful list of composting do’s and don’ts that will help you give at-home composting a try. Don’t like the idea of dirt? That’s okay! Reuse your veggie scraps by turning them into homemade vegetable broth.

Compost your food scraps

4. Jars (and Bags) for Days

Plastic wrapped produce and bulk items have become the gold standard in today’s grocery stores (we see you, Trader Joe’s). But why, when plastic is so harmful? Put an end to it today! Invest in a bulk pack of mason jars for less than $20 (or ask your granny for the old ones in her basement). Take them with you to fill with goods like oatmeal, rice, and dried nuts. Instead of putting that produce in a plastic bag, invest in reusable cloth bags that – BONUS – also make a fashion statement.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey… (Water)

Reuse the gently used water from your kitchen sink. Invest in a biodegradable soap alternative ( or make your own eco-friendly dish soap) + a reusable dishpan like this classic enamelware washing basin. Not only will you feel like you’ve arrived (because only real adults use *washing basins*...#adulting), but you will also be able to reuse the leftover water for things like watering house plants and your outdoor landscaping.  LEVEL UP: Here are some helpful tips on how to install a proper greywater irrigation system (just check if your state allows).

6. Grow Your Own Herbs

Remember Chia Pets? Well, growing your own windowsill herb garden is just as easy, but tastier. Save money, eliminate plastic wrapping, and ensure you have fresh herbs all year long. Rosemary, parsley, cilantro, and thyme are easy plants to start with. Add brightness and flavor to your kitchen, and give yourself two green thumbs up!
In the game of living a truly clean lifestyle, a little goes a long way. Have some other kitchen-friendly eco tips? Share in the comment section below!

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November 06, 2019

Thanks a lot for these cool ideas! The fridge box is just genius

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