Drink, and allow water to refresh your body and your soul

The body is the vehicle to your true nature and meditation is the method used to experience peace and bliss. The benefits of daily meditation practice can reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia as well as increase clarity, concentration and creativity.

Learn how to calm the mind, be present in your body and feel rejuvenated. This class uses experiential instruction combined with group meditation. Teaching points will include posture, breathing, mantras, and mudras. Open to beginner and established meditators.

Floating SUP Meditation Class

All profits go directly to local water conservation efforts so that we can continue to enjoy the bliss of floating on water for time to come.

$15 ~ Meditation runs for 30 minutes

Floating Meditation is a pop-up class. Follow us on social media or sign up below to be the first to know!



Floating meditation is designed to nurture mindfulness and a deeper connection to the water and earth around you.

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