Oh, the feeling of riding a wave. The exhilaration you feel when you and the ocean connect and it carries you effortlessly down the wave, while all you do is maintain your balance and enjoy the ride.

When we surf, we accept that we have no control over the waves. We don't paddle out on our board with the intention to force the waves to do our bidding. We know they will come and go regardless of our desires.

In life, we are faced daily with circumstances over which we have absolutely no control. But we do have control over how we interact with whatever comes our way. The trick is to learn to face whatever waves may come, big or small, and focus on how we can grow in the midst of the circumstances that we encounter.

So we strive for balance in life. We take the time to care for all of the areas that make up our self ~ our identity and knowing ourselves, our personal growth, our social relationships, our health and fitness, our career, our community, our home and our finances. This solid foundation allows us to weather the obstacles and the endings that can sometimes wipe us out.

And you'll inevitably wipe out. A wave always has an end. But the thrill of the ease and joy of riding it draws us back for more ~ to experience, to learn, to grow.

So what will you do? Will you let the waves of life knock you over, or will you learn to flow with them, moving forward as we go?

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