Biodegradable Flow Legging

  • We designed this light-weight, multi-use legging to take you from land to sea in comfort. Featuring the biodegradable and compostable eco-friendly CO₂Control® fabric, you can feel good (and look good) while you do good, wearing these versatile leggings knowing that you are contributing to a healthier, more sustainable world.

    • Made from eco-friendly CO₂Control® Lycra (see Sustainable Fabric tab)
    • Ultimate stretch and breathability
    • Super lightweight and quick-dry
    • Perfect for Hot Yoga, gym sessions, SUP Yoga, Surfing, and more
    • 4 inch waistband for ultimate high-waist comfort
    • Stretchy seams to reduce digging and chaffing
    • Seam detail in back
  • We chose the environmentally friendly fabric, CO₂Control® , in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. The name CO₂Control®  comes from the gas  CO₂ that overloads our atmosphere and harms our planet. Our collective effort to  control not only the CO₂ Emissions, but also all the toxicity and pollution of textiles that we see in the industry, is just part of how Aqua Vida is committed to search for textile production friendlier to the environment and the human body.

    CO₂Control®is manufactured with materials and processes that ensure sustainability in the textile industry, for example:

    • Compostable
    • Biodegradable
    • NON-GMO
    • Closed production cycles
    • Not using toxic or harmful products to human health or the environment
    • Production traceability

    Why sustainable practices matter

    Everything we need for our survival and well-being exists in our natural environment. Aqua Vida is committed to giving back more than we take and a percentage of every dollar you spend goes directly to our water conservation initiatives and outreach programs.

    Ride the wave with us