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Lena’s first memories of yoga are as a child watching her father do headstands during the commercial breaks of baseball games. She was fascinated by the physical practice growing up, but it was the feeling of union, not only between body, breath, and mind, but also with everyone and every experience around her that sparked her journey into the world of yoga. Learning to truly listen to her body with greater awareness, honesty, and compassion led Lena deeper into her practice.

Lena Marchese  Lena Marchese

Throughout her years of studying yoga, Lena has learned that yoga is much more than just a physical practice. It is a practice in which the physical poses are tools to help us experience what it is to be in our own bodies, minds, and environments with an attitude of acceptance. As a teacher, Lena’s goal is to create an environment in which yoga is not a call to performance, but a true and honest practice. A practice in which students can look at themselves and the world around them, without judgments, storylines, or labels, and experience themselves and the world just as they are.

Lena encourages students to explore, on and off the mat, and to open up the opportunities for healing and growth of the body, mind and spirit through a safe and fun yoga practice.

Having grown up by the ocean and finding its power, beauty, and serenity, what she likes to call, a “soul-recharge,” Lena has always had a love of the water. She is very excited to combine two loves by practicing and sharing SUP Yoga!

Live aloha!

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