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There are a lot of questions floating around about one of the latest trends you’ve likely seen at the practice field, the gym, the office, and practically everywhere else: fruit infused water. With as many people whom have tapped into the latest trends and started infusing their water with natural ingredients like fruit, herbs, vegetables, etc… There are just as many people left on the sidelines scratching their heads wondering about the benefits of drinking infused water.

Hydration is without a doubt one of the biggest benefits of drinking fruit infused water. The majority of us are walk around dehydrated and simply don’t have a clue. Infusing your water with fruits, vegetables, herbs, any other ingredients can entice you to drink more water. A lot of people say they don’t drink much water, because it’s bland. If your water is infused, problem solved!

Here are some of the benefits of keeping your body hydrated:

  • Your body will be able to transport nutrients and oxygen better.
  • Less strain on your organs.
  • You’ll look younger, as your skin will be much softer, and smoother.
  • Getting too cold in the winter? How about too hot in the summer? Water helps to keep your body temperature at optimal levels.
  • Coffee, exercise, alcohol, and medications can dehydrate you. By drinking more water, you’ll be able to counteract this.
  • Being hydrated can lubricate your joints. Therefore, you’ll have less join strain.
  • You’ll have more energy in your muscles, which leads to more reps in the gym.

By drinking fruit infused water, you’re taking pure drinking water and infusing it with natural ingredients that also contain water. It’s a win-win situation for your body and your mind. The vitamin waters you see at the supermarket can’t even compare to fruit infused water, because those are loaded with artificial coloring, artificial additives for flavor, etc… Despite their clever marketing, these drinks aren’t exactly healthy for you.

Other benefits:

  • Your metabolism will get a nice boost.
  • Drinking infused water will fill your stomach, so there’s less room for snacking and / or overeating.
  • Drinking more water will aid your body in released excess fat cells.
  • Food will digest easier.
  • Toxins will be flushed from your body.
  • Your mood will improve greatly.
  • Less muscle fatigue, resulting in more energy while exercising.
  • You’ll recover from workouts at a faster rate.
  • You won’t hit the dreaded “wall” in the afternoon when most people begin to feel tired and sluggish.


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