New year, new sustainable me. This is our mantra going into 2019!

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve already adopted ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. In a world inundated with single use plastics, climate change denial, and a general lack of concern by the ones who make policies that could fast-track change, you are a shining light for Mama Earth. You have your reusable water bottle, grocery bags, and are mindful of the products you buy. We love that about you and we want to make it easy for you to dive a little deeper into a sustainable lifestyle in 2019.

1. Recycling is so 2018

Don’t get us wrong, we love recycling – it’s extremely important, but a lot of what we recycle doesn’t actually get recycled. Only about 18% of what we recycle makes it to a recycling facility. The rest ends up in a landfill or in our oceans and waterways. For 2019 we encourage you to focus on REDUCING waste and plastic. Our best offense for a sustainable future is to reduce the amount of single use plastics we are using. Along with your reusable water bottle, carry around reusable bamboo cutlery, a stainless-steel straw, and an organic cotton pouch to keep it all together. If you want to challenge yourself, buy a bamboo toothbrush and ditch those disposable razors.

Choose cardboard eco-friendly recycling over plastic

2. Let’s Talk Coffee

This is an easy one, people! Who doesn’t love their morning coffee from their favorite coffee shop, made perfectly and just for you with your name and a heart on the cup? Stop and think for a minute how many people get coffee at your local shop. Think about how many people get Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or convenient store coffees. That is A LOT of single use cups, lids, straws, and stirrers. Buy an awesome mug (we have one for hot coffee and one for iced coffee), bring it into your favorite coffee shop and have them serve your drink in it. Wash it every day and leave it in your car so you always have it handy. Bonus – if you make your coffee at home you will save some serious cash. Just make sure if you have a machine that uses pods, opt for a reusable pod filled with your favorite ground coffee. Tea drinkers, opt for loose leaf tea with a reusable diffuser.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

I know what you’re thinking. DUH. We are here to encourage you to take that a step further. Swap out those produce bags for reusable mesh bags or skip the bag all together. Consider shopping in bulk. Bring your own containers to purchase things like pastas, grains, rice, nuts, trail mixes, snacks, even candy. This cuts down on packaging waste significantly. Try home baking cookies and snacks instead of buying the packaged goods. Stay away from individually packaged snacks when it is just as easy to pack snacks and drinks in reusable containers. Choose cardboard packaging over plastic when possible because it is easier to recycle than plastic and doesn’t last FOREVER. Small easy changes yield big results!

Reusable recyclable shopping bags are eco-friendly

4. Rethink Fast Fashion

How many people have walked into one of those stores with prices way too good to be true and fill your bags, only to get rid of those clothes after a few washes because they fit poorly and wash even worse? No judgement here, we all have. Consider instead investing in that durable pair of jeans that will last years and fit like a dream. Splurge on that sweater that you will love to wear over and over and actually read and follow the care instructions to increase its life. Instead of buying cheap, poorly made clothes that are going to be donated in a year or end up in a landfill, spend money on longer lasting, high quality items. Your wallet, your closet, and Mama Earth will thank you. Ready to rethink your threads? Check out our signature biodegradable yoga leggings and hot yoga shorts, perfect for yoga, working out, and everything in between.

5. Upcycle Your Old Gear

Once you’ve worn those jeans that you love so much until they can’t be worn anymore, or your favorite tee shirt has one too many holes in it, find ways to upcycle them. Your old jeans can be turned into insulation for houses and your favorite tee shirt can be made into a t-shirt quilt. If it’s really far gone, turn it into rags for cleaning. Aqua Vida’s Trade Up Program will take your old yoga leggings, give you 20% off your order, and turn those leggings into their signature yoga mats. Learn more about Aqua Vida’s Trade Up Program:

Aqua Vida Trade Up Program

Our 10-year challenge is to look back on 2019 as the year that we committed to living a sustainable lifestyle that extended into all areas of our life, kept more cash in our pockets, and eased our burden on our planet. Want to get on the clean train? Comment and share with us the ways you #makesomewaves and live sustainably below.

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