By Adjua Fisher, Be Well Philly

According to The New York Times, a recent study found that thinking of a workout as a fun activity instead of just boring ol’ exercise can have a serious impact on how effective your gym time is. The problem is, it’s really hard to have a good time working out when you’re trudging away on the treadmill. So to help you guys make the most of your workout time, we’ve rounded up five Be Well Philly approved fitness classes that are anything but boring.

We’ve tried each and every one of these unique local classes, and they were all tons of fun. Plus, each one left us feeling that good kind of I’m-totally-going-t0-have-a-six-pack-tomorrow sore. And lucky you for you, we took note of our experiences in our “I Tried It” series. So now that we’ve tested the waters, all you’ve got to do is read up, pick a class, and have a blast.

SUP Yoga on the Schuylkill River with Aqua Vida

Seriously, between marveling at the water and the checking out the view, you won’t even realize you’re getting a killer workout. Find out more about this class here.


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