“Trying implies effort, yet if what we really want is part of the higher will, then it is already making its way to us and will come in its own time. A more effective way—and easier by far—is to acknowledge the desire, set the intention, and then just let go. Let come what may. This is the way of grace.” - Deepak Chopra

Have you ever used a GPS system? Had complete and utter trust in your smartphone and the accuracy of the information it contained? That it would guide you in the most efficient path possible to get you to your destination?

What if we told you that you, too, have your own internal navigation system, accessible at any given moment? One that could tell you, with 100% accuracy, that you were going in the right direction? One with the ability to determine your best route, choose among options and recalculate your course as needed? Luckily, there is, just waiting to be discovered.

When you type the address of your destination into your GPS, you don’t bother to memorize the layout of the entire trip. You just listen for the next prompt. Our inner guidance system works in a similar way. We don’t have to know what comes next; it’s as easy as plugging in and following the directional signs.

Ready to plug in? Here are some simple steps to access your inner GPS:

Learn to accept what is and trust the universe. Everything is exactly as it should be, whether it appears to be or not.

“What may seem like a setback today may actually be the universe aligning forces for what you will need tomorrow.

Sometimes things have not happened because circumstances have not aligned for them to prosper.

Sometimes things have not happened because you are not properly equipped to persevere.

Sometimes things have not happened because the potential for failure is too pervasive.

And sometimes things have not happened because you have some healing to do in order to herald them into your life.” - Yolo Akili.

Let go of judgment to make it easier to accept what is and to find contentment in every moment, so that you can make a move from a space of centeredness and peace, rather than desperation and struggle.

Quiet time.  Accessing your internal resource needs quiet time—silence and focus. Give yourself the gift of creating regular quiet space in your life, so that the answers can bubble up to the surface.

Trust yourself.  Write down what you want to manifest in your life. Writing down your requests is extremely powerful. When you type or write your desires, it becomes your first piece of evidence that you are on your way. It also happens to be a great point of focus.

Our brain is a tool. What you give it to focus on, it will go to work in finding out in the world. You will begin to see directional signs, if you can learn how to spot them. They may show up as synchronicities and/or coincidences, repeating numbers, thinking about or talking about something or someone and it making an appearance in your life shortly thereafter, or the right person appears in your life at just the right moment. Know that those are all confirmations that you are headed in the right direction.

If something comes along and you are not sure about it, check in with your body. If it isn’t comfortable with what you’re considering, don’t go there. The body never lies.

Embrace generosity.  You are deserving of support and assistance. Learn to open yourself up to recognize and accept with grace any help that has been sent your way. Remember that help comes in many different forms: financial support, moral and emotional support, a new connection, new ideas, new perspectives and so much more.

Relax, become more self-reliant, find the courage to explore unfamiliar terrain. Focus on enjoying every step of the journey, with the peace of mind that it is all unfolding in a perfect flow. Make space to uncover this exquisite power within you - it will change your life.

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March 18, 2021

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Jana Mars, Founder/Creator
Jana Mars, Founder/Creator

November 25, 2017

You’re so welcome! Know that you DO have the inner strength and guidance to get you through anything in life ~ and you can always count on us! Send us a note anytime at hello@aquavida.com if you need a few words of encouragement! We’re here for you as you #makesomewaves in your life ?

Matthew Spille
Matthew Spille

November 22, 2017

This article came at the right time as reminder as im currently on rough seas in my life. Thank you

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