Achieving harmony + balance in life is a journey filled with exploration and experimentation. Connecting with nature through visualization to calm the mind and the senses is a technique that has been proven to be effective. And effectiveness is the measure of truth. Try this meditation to visualize ease and levity.


Our power comes from our ability to observe our thoughts and emotions within the body. Beginning with just one full minute today, close your eyes and sit with the intention of just "letting your cork float". Imagine yourself as a cork, exerting no resistance, floating effortlessly in the sea of life.

Feel the levity, the ease, the peace.

Notice which thoughts come up, acknowledge, transform them into colored corks of your choice (for example, red for thoughts which evoke anger, yellow for thoughts which evoke joy, blue for thoughts which evoke sadness, green for thoughts which evoke disgust, dislike/hate, purple for thoughts which evoke fear, orange for thoughts which evoke any feelings of not being good enough or shame) and let them float away, always returning to the shining bright light which is you.

Allow your breath to be easy. Focus on the ease of life.

Float on. 

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