Get your sh*t together
A series educating on how we can all get our collective.. well, sh*t together for a more sustainable planet.

Words by Sarah Hickerson

Welcome to our third edition of Get Your Sh*t Together! This time we are moving to the bedroom-- the place where the magic happens (and by magic we mean restful sleep and relaxation, of course). We want your bedroom to not only be your happy place, but to bring a smile to our planet as well. So we're here to help with tips and tricks to make small changes to your bedroom to boost your health, lower your electrical bills and help the environment.


1. Purchase Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

Switching out your current light bulbs for eco-friendly light bulbs are an easy fix, and the impact can go a long way. The less watts, the less energy used, so set the mood for relaxation with lower wattage bulbs.


2. Use Insulated Curtains

Buying insulated curtains will save you money-- and save the environment-- in the long run. Insulated curtains help keep both heat and cold air in, helping you reduce the amount of heat and air conditioning you use, which in turn saves energy. And while you’re at it, lowering your thermostat in the winter and raising it in the summer helps too, even if it’s by a few degrees (you may not even notice a difference!).


3. Use Non-Toxic Paint

Repainting? Use non-toxic paint. Toxic paint sends chemicals into both our Earth’s environment and your personal home environment. Non-toxic paint is better for your health and for the environment, and don’t worry, it comes in just as many colors.

4. Buy Organic Sheets and Blankets

Not-so-fun fact: non-organic sheets often contain toxins and carcinogens. This one freaked us out a little bit too. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix! Organic sheets and blankets.


5. Avoid Leather and Suede

Leather and suede products are often cruel to animals, use a lot of resources in the creation process, and undergo chemical processes to become home décor or clothing. Avoiding leather and suede furniture and clothing is a great step to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle and having a more eco-friendly bedroom. If you love the style, looking into vegan options is a great alternative.


6. Turn Off and Unplug

This is an easy one-- it involves no home upgrades! When you leave the room, turn off the lights and unplug the TV, and the phone and computer charges that you aren’t using. Looking for an even easier fix? An extension cord and power strip is an easy way to turn off everything that you have plugged in with the switch of a button.


We're really committing to cleaning up our lifestyle in all areas, and that includes our most favorite room. It feels good to wake up knowing we're saving money and creating a healthier world -- there’s truly no downside. Save money and create a healthier space for you, all while having a healthier impact on the environment.

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