Fees for Selling on Aqua Vida

Here’s a breakdown of the fees for selling on Aqua Vida:

Listing an item

Fee Information
Listing fee - $1.00 per listing

- Fee added to bill when an item is listed.

- Has to be paid regardless of resulting sales.

- A listing expires after 1 year.

Selling an item

  Transaction fees

- 10% of item total in a transaction.

- Does not include any shipping or taxes in an order.

- Different from the Payment processing fee (see below). 

Payment processing fees

- 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

- Calculated on the order total (including any shipping and taxes).

- Payments processing fees are removed automatically from the funds received from buyers.

-  Payment processing fees are in addition to Aqua Vida's transaction fees.

- If you issue a refund for a sale made through Aqua Vida Payments, your payment processing fee will be credited proportionally and applied to the refund amount.

Shipping and Postage Fees

 Shipping fees

- As the Seller, you are responsible for packaging, handling and postage for all your products and shipments.

- Aqua Vida will collect all shipping fees and remit to you in your payment.

- Every listing must have an up-to-date complete shipping cost. Submit changes to accounts@aquavida.com. If a shipping cost is not up-to-date, Aqua Vida will not be responsible for the difference in cost and will not charge the buyers additional fees. The difference becomes your responsibility. 

Renewing an item

All renewal fees are $0.50

  • Renewal fees have different names depending on the state of the listing, as well as if the renewal action was manual or automatic.

Listing state



Active items

Renew fee

Manual renewal of an active listing

Expired items

Renew expired fee

Manual renewal of an expired listing

Items about to expire

Auto-renew expired fee

- Automatic renewal of an expired listing

- If turned on, expired items will be automatically renewed.

Sold items

Renew sold fee

Manual renewal of a sold out listing


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