Vellum St. Soap Company

Salted Lime Hibiscus Soap Bar

  • Can’t take time off from your 80+ hour a week, ladder climbing, resume building position in corporate America, but need a sub tropical respite to keep your body, mind, and soul so fresh and so clean? Citrusy lime essential oil and hibiscus powder lend gentle acidity and wonderful antioxidants to this bar of tropical bliss. The hibiscus flower also adds an intense moisture with its naturally high mucilage content. Pink Himalayan sea salt assists you in scrubbing away the last of the disappointment over not being able to afford all the matching everything in that new Swedish furniture catalog.

  • Saponified oils/fats (tallow, olive, coconut, castor), goats milk, pink Himalayan sea salt, essential oil (lime, tea tree), clay (bentonite, rose kaolin), hibiscus, spirulina

  • Vellum St Soap Company is a victual apothecary, essentially meaning we don't believe you should put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth. All of our tallow based soaps are made from high quality, food grade ingredients, locally and organically sourced, with many ingredients coming from the kitchens of local restaurants, butcher shops, and farms in the form of upcycled materials that would normally be considered waste. With nothing added that doesn't have a beneficial purpose for your skin, you can be assured you're getting a top notch product, thoughtfully crafted, and scientifically executed.

Why sustainable practices matter

Everything we need for our survival and well-being exists in our natural environment. Aqua Vida is committed to giving back more than we take and a percentage of every dollar you spend goes directly to our water conservation initiatives and outreach programs.

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