Modern Hippi

Full Moon Ring (Cracked Quartz)

Ring Size
  • Quartz can be used to clear and activate the chakras. Used to stimulate positive thoughts and feelings. Quartz amplifies the energy field around it and cancels harmful effects of radiation/radioactivity around it. If worn close to the neck it is said to stimulate the thymus and improve resistance to disease. A single crystal carried, is said to maintain balance, energy and protection.

    Used as an all-round healing crystal, Quartz is used for meditation and channelling. It can be used to amplify energy and thoughts, thus enabling "clear thinking". It is used to enhance ALL psychic abilities. Quartz is a healer of negativity and will help stimulate positive thoughts and feelings.

    Stone is wrapped with treated copper and formed as a ring. Copper is known for its anti -inflammatory properties as well as improving and promoting circulation in the body. Ring size is made to order

  • Modern Hippi is for the spirited dreamers who are passionate in the pursuit of living a life with meaning. Inspired by nature hikes, a love for the ocean, weekend getaways, and salty summer days, these delicate and unique items have a sole purpose: to inspire. Each piece is hand-crafted with love in our salty, sun kissed Asbury Park NJ studio. On the beach or in the mountains, the style is modern, simple, and undeniably creative.

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