Aqua Vida

Aqua Vida x Lava Rubber Yoga Mat

  • 74" x 24" x 5mm : Upcycled Mat - Always handmade in the USA with recycled neoprene and other hard to manage scrap. Made from: recycled wetsuits, compressions sleeves, aluminum juice pouches & yoga pants. Each mat saves 5 lbs of "waste" from entering a landfill.

  • Just like a volcano naturally recycles the Earth into new terrain, we do the same with donated "scraps" headed for the trash. Instead of ending their life-cycle in a landfill, we upcycle these materials into useful products. We began our project in 2009 where we started collecting scraps from: surfers, divers, surf schools, marine institutes, day camps, outdoor shops & neoprene manufacturers from the East & West coasts of the United States. In 2011, we formed LAVA RUBBER and in 2013, we became very proud partners with Terracycle.

  • TerraCycle offers free recycling programs funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help you collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste." We have been working diligently for the last three years testing new formulas of neoprene rubber shreds bound together with: soft aluminum juice pouches, yoga pants, & energy bar wrappers. We keep useful scraps out of landfills & present you with practical mats for your life. Lava Rubber is great for: changing in & out of your wetsuit, yoga, dusting & rinsing off, surfboards, pet bowls, spoons & soaps. Let us know how you use your LAVA

Why sustainable practices matter

Everything we need for our survival and well-being exists in our natural environment. Aqua Vida is committed to giving back more than we take and a percentage of every dollar you spend goes directly to our water conservation initiatives and outreach programs.

Ride the wave with us