“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.” – Wyland

From a young age Maggie had an insatiable love for water and the ocean. Growing up she spent most of her summers at the Jersey Shore or at Cape Cod, where she would play at the beach from sun up to sun down, spending as much time as possible swimming and playing in the water. She can confidently say that not much has changed! Still spending most of summers at the Jersey Shore, Maggie has also had the opportunity to explore beaches from Key West to Maui. Along the way, Maggie developed a love for paddle boarding. Serving as a form of mediation, paddle boarding deepened Maggie’s mind and body connection, while bringing a sense of peace and balance to her life. Also, an avid yogi, when she learned of Aqua Vida, and their combination of yoga and paddle boarding, bringing to the two together seemed like a no brainer. When she decided to take a class and it was nothing short of magic.

Maggie Leppert  Maggie Leppert

Aside from paddle boarding and yoga, in her free time Maggie also enjoys traveling, hiking, kayaking, photography, and playing with her cats and dog. Maggie is also very passionate about ocean conservation and climate change. She feels incredibly proud to be working with a company like Aqua Vida that works to help spread that message and is a pioneer of sustainable fashion. She loves connecting with her fellow wave makers. See you out on the water!


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